Some of the Dishes


Smoked Foie Gras with Onion puree and Mushroom vinaigrette
"Neat's Smoked Foie Gras. Utterly, utterly delicious. Sometimes all a restaurant needs to keep people coming back is one gobsmackingly terrific dish and this one alone would do it".
Telegraph Magazine. 2001.

Fillet of Tuna with Aubergine puree and Cerviche of Snapper with Tomato Confit

Salad of Smoked Salmon with Vichyssoise Soup

Mango with Creamed Rice pudding and Lime puree
Tian of Crab and Skate with Cucumber Veloute 
«....cuisine of bewildering technicality, some say avant-gardiste, where the Tian of Crab and Skate with Veloute of Cucumber is in itself an enigma, such an object of fascination that we hesitate to undo it. No irony here, just a vague sense of powerlessness in the face of such a desire for perfectionism». Gault Millau Magazine.

Snails rolled in powdered Morilles with Asparagus and Wild Mushroom sauce
"it is perhaps ironic that the best Snails I have ever eaten should be cooked by an Englishman in France". Table Talk. Eating Out.
Fillet of Red Mullet with Couscous and Parsley sauce
Fillet of Red Snapper cooked in Salt Pastry with Asparagus and Cauliflower Puree
Octopus Cooked in Red Wine with Asparagus and Palm Hearts

 Scallop wrapped in Prosciutto with Torta Español and Vichyssoise Soup
Ballotine of Foie Gras with Celery Cappuccino and Crispy Potatoes 
Caramelized Tuna Fillet with Tomato  Vinaigrette and Ginger Dressing
Rabbit Saddle, Confit Leg and Offal with Broad Bean Soup

Fillet of Beef 'Wellington' with Foie Gras and Onion Puree 
                         Scallop wrapped in Prosciutto with Gazpacho Sauce and fried Onions

Duck Breast wrapped in Roesti Potato with Buttered lentils and Confit Gizzards
Beef fillet with Root vegetables and Truffle

Cannelloni of Crab with Sweetcorn Sauce and Courgette
Duck Breast with Red wine and Chocolate Sauce

Roasted Scallop with Parmesan Risotto

Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon

Deep fried Calamari filled with Paella, Aioli Sauce
Beef fillet with Powdered Cepes, Mushroom Duxelle and Potato Gratin

 'Illes Flottante' with Raspberry Coulis

Scallops wrapped in Parma Ham with Red Wine Risotto and Fried Onions

Chicken Parfait with confited onion

Coconut Cream with Caramelised Pineapple
Tuna with Tomato and Gazpacho sauce
Ravioli of Crab with Ginger sauce and Asparagus
Fillet of Snapper with Beetroot salad
Fillet of Turbot with Lasagne of Shrimps, Parsley Puree and Cappuccino of Mushrooms
Marinaded Chicken with Guacamole and Crispy Bacon

Roasted Duck Breast with Confit Leg in Plum Sauce and Cucumber Mint Salad
Shrimps in Crispy Pastry with Roasted Carrots and Pumpkin Sauce
 Braised Veal Tongue with Root Vegetables and Mustard Sauce

Carpaccio of Beef with Truffle Oil and Parmesan
Poached Meringue with Mango Compote

Some particular favourites.......

Snails rolled in Powered Morilles with Asparagus Tagliatelle and Mushroom Sauce

Tian of Skate and Crab with Cucumber Veloute

Smoked Foie Gras with Caramelized Onion Puree and Mushroom Vinaigrette

Tartare of Red Mullet with Cauliflower puree and salad of calamar.

Tagine of Quail with Dates and Almond Jus

Cannelloni of Curried Sea Bass with carpaccio of sea bass

Darne of Red Mullet filled with Crab, Aniseed Jus

Roasted Teal with Galette of Fig, Game Jus with Tea Infusion

Deep fired squid filled with paella, Aioli sauce

Caramelized Skate wing with Fondant potato and Broccoli puree

Soul Fillet with Vichyssoise Soup and Langoustine Tails

Deep-fried Oysters with Olive Oil Hollandaise and Red wine Sauce

Soup of Broad Beans with Rabbit Offal and crispy Leg

Ballotine of Lambs Sweetbreads with white bean truffle casserole.

Brochette of Scallops on a smoked eel skewer with Provencal vegetables and Pesto Sauce

Smoked Whiting with poached egg and hollandaise Sauce

Salad of Duck 'Ham' Foie Gras, Confited Leg and Romaine Leaves

Braised Foie Gras with Choucroute, saucisson and Lentil Sauce

Roasted Langoustie Tails with Asparagus cappuccino, shredded spears and Wild Mushrooms.

Roasted Scallops wrapped in Smoked Salmon with Vegetable Ravioli and Carrot Jus

Cannelloni of Oxtail, Confited Celeriac and Red wine Dressing

Rillette of Red Mullet with Prune puree and Almond Sauce

Caramelized Lamb's offal with Broad Bean soup and pottao galette
Fillet of Tuna and Marinated Red Snapper with Aubergine puree and Tomato confit



Breast of Duck with Chicken parfait, rolled in a Roesti Potato with Buttered Lentils

Fillets of Sole with Truffled Potato puree, Roasted Crayfish Tails and jus

Roasted Squab Pigeon with confited neck sausage and Celeriac fondant and white bean Gnocchi

John Dory fillets with Peas in Foie gras butter Sauce, galette potato

Monkfish tail wrapped in Parma Ham with Saffron Risotto

Pave of Cod, larded with Smoked Salmon with Crab Sabayon

Fillet of Turbot with Parsley puree, lasagna of Shrimp and Mushroom bouillon

Roasted Duck Breast with Cannelloni of Confit Leg and Chocolate Sauce

Fillet of Sea Bream with Almond Crust and Provencal vegetables

Rabbit Saddle with Green Olive puree and Tortellini of confited leg

Fillet of Hare "en croute" with Horseradish puree and roasted vegetables

Fillet of Halibut dusted with Juniper powder, Boulangere Potato and Watercress Jus

Fillet of Pargo ‘en Papiotte’ with Fresh Vanilla, Roasted Artichoke,
Asparagus and White Wine Sauce

Lamb Cutlet, Ballotine of offal with Pea Veloute

Smoked Chicken with Celeriac and Romaine Salad tossed in Chicken Liver Dressing

Grilled Calves Liver with Cannelloni of Pea and Ham

Roasted Skate wing with poached egg, potato salad and Anchovy mayonnaise

Veal Sweetbread wrapped in Parma Ham with Turnip confit and Parsley Sauce

Filet of Red Mullet with potato scales and Oyster jus

Lobster Tail with Grilled Advocado and Almond Sauce

Braised Pig's Head with Truffle and Celeriac Puree

Rabbit Saddle with Tatin of Pear and Ham of Rabbit Leg

Darne of Sea Bass filled with Red Pepper, Sardine Vinaigrette

Guinea Fowl with confited Cabbage and Sweetcorn puree

Pastilla of Monkfish with Apple puree

Couscous of Red Mullet with Parsley Sauce and cinnamon confited Onions!/pages/San-Jose-Costa-Rica/PARK-CAFE/115722149354


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